-Our Story the constant pursuit of Quality and well made Creations-

How is started

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We started out in 1997 as a shoe and leather repair shop. 

It was from repairing many different products that we saw how current products are being made.

They were being made from plastics and not to a high quality. 

So it was from these experiences that we created MICHELE CARUSO

A business dedicated to high quality sustainable made creations

"Big designs, small impact"

Our creations are made with this in mind


Each product is made from veg tanned leather and will naturally bio-degrade when you are finished.


We use Vachetta and Groppone leather in our creations. Each of these leathers create high quality long lasting creations.


With each creation, we take inspirations from many different forms. This could be from our town and to just wanting to stand out.