What is Sustainable development for Us?

At MICHELE CARUSO we believe in sustainable development, by creating products that are more natural and of high quality . 

Italian Made

Made in Italy means that our quality is high and our supply chain is short. We are located in a small town called San Nicandro Garganico and its from our workshop that we make each creation.

  • Our leather tanned in Florence (Firenza) 

The Leather

Vachetta Leather

Is a naturally treated Italian leather and is  popular because of its durability and quality.  


We use one piece of Vachetta leather and keep it natural for some of our products. In order to hand-tool the leather we then add our own dyes and can then hand carve our patterns into the leather.  

Using high quality materials, we use Vachetta and Groppone leather in our creations. These types of leathers are of high quality, are durable and long lasting.

  • Naturally degrades, when you are all finished with our creation, it can be returned back to the ground. If you did not know, naturally tanned leather will bio degrade. 

Is a Veg tanned leather and normally cut as Double butts or is from the shoulders. The leather is a full grain leather and has incredible natural quality. 


Groppone Leather